How to invent the future?

We created chapters that explain the ‘Idea’s Journey’, or how we transform simple ideias into inventions for the future


Once upon a time, there was an idea...

It spent its days thinking of pure and applied philosophy. It was lost, not knowing who it was, where it came from, and where it was going.



Without a well-defined identity, it suffered because it did not know which way to go and what to believe in.

Am I an app?

Am I a website?

Am I a social network?


The first challenge is: how will small idea organize and plan its way through a great and unpredictable journey?

In our analogy, this is when we set the priorities for the next few weeks. Instead of discussing everything that comes next, we focus on delivering these priorities.








When faced with new ideas, new realities and self-reflection, the idea begins to feel the need to express itself artistically. It looks for images, identities and references to represent itself and establish its own existence.


The idea constructs within itself the mental representations that will guide its existence. At this moment, the idea starts to have a brain. It starts to create models, class diagrams, objects, databases, servers and APIs. The hero of this stage is the backend programmer.







After a long journey and a lot of existential reflection, the idea starts to take shape.

It carries in its luggage everything it has learned along the way.

This is when the front programmer takes the pictures drawn by the designer and

connects them with the database written by the backend programmer.

After the return, the idea will never be the same again.